Taking a Trip!

Hummel Day Camp is once again in the rear view mirror and the all the mud has almost washed out of my clothes. This summer was certainly one for the books! We had a phenomenal crew of counselors who worked hard and played hard.

The Hummel Crew after the mud obstacle course.

The next big adventure for me is doing some world traveling! My first big stop is Ladakh, India to hang with my older sister Patty. Ladakh is mountain region in the north of India and its name means “the land of high passes”. And when they say high, they mean it. For example, the Leh-Manali highway tops out at over 17,000 ft. Hopefully hiking the hills in Omaha will have prepared my lungs enough.

After Ladakh, I’m going to spend a little time in New Delhi then head to Europe. There I plan to meet up with some camp friends and see see sights. In addition to other countries, I’m going to spend some time in the Czech Republic visiting the some areas that my relatives immigrated from. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into a long lost cousin and be able to buy them a beer.

I am going to be keep this blog to update my friend and family. If you have any recommendations of places to visit in India or Europe, I would love if you sent them my way!

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